CURIOUS MATTER, Meg Atkinson and Ben Pranger, To Some Point True and Unproven, Jersey City, NJ March - April, 2019

COOLER GALLERY. Skin In The Game. Brooklyn, NY. January, 2018

PARAMOUNT GALLERY, Long Island University. Meg Atkinson. Brooklyn, NY. 1993



BCB ART, Winter Group Show, Hudson, NY. December. 

BCB ART, Summer Show, Hudson, NY. July. 

CENTOTTO, Unborderings. Brooklyn, New York.  May. (Curator, Paul D'Agostino)

ODETTA, Flat File in conjunction with No Regrets. Brooklyn, New York. March


DAVID & SCHWEITZER CONTEMPORARY.Yellow Chair Extravaganza. December. (Curator, Trans-cen-der)

MORGAN LEHMAN. Twenty by Sixteen Biennial. New York. April (Curator, Geoffrey Young)

106 VAN BUREN. Talking Pictures 1st Invitational. Bed Stuy, New York. March (Curators, Paul D'agostino, Jeffrey Bishop, Cathy Nan Quinlan)

NOYES MUSEUM OF ART. A Dark Wood. Atlantic City, New Jersey. January - April

KNOCKDOWN CENTER. Nasty Women Exhibition. Queens, New York. January


NATIONAL ARTS CLUB. The Warmth of Winter. New York, N.Y. December - January

DRAWING ROOMS. Big Small Works Show. Jersey City, N.J. December - January

TRESTLE GALLERY. Winter Benefit. Brooklyn, N.Y. December

GEOFFREY YOUNG GALLERY. Chronic Blooms. Great Barrington, MA. October

ART HOUSE GALLERY AND CURIOUS MATTER. A Dark Wood. New Jersey. (Curators, Raymond Mingst and Arthur Bruso)

DAVID & SCHWEITZER CONTEMPORARY. Making the Future. Brooklyn, N.Y. (Curators, Julie Torres and Michael David)

CENTOTTO. NOMENCoLorATURE at Studio 10. Brooklyn, N.Y. August (Curator, Paul D'Agostino)

ODETTA. Child's Play. Brooklyn, N.Y. June


DRAWING ROOMS. Big Small Works Show. Jersey City, N.J. December - January

TRESTLE GALLERY. Winter Art Sale. Brooklyn, N.Y. November. 

OUTPOST GALLERY. Checkered History: The Grid in Art & Life. Ridgewood, N.Y. October (Curators, Ruth Kahn and David Weinstein)

THE ART HOUSE. The Art Project. Jersey City, N.J. September (Curator, James Pustorino)

CENTRAL BOOKING. Going Big. LES, New York, N.Y. July-August

DRAWING ROOMS. Color Rules. Jersey City, N.J. July

ARTS@RENAISSANCE, Last Dance at the Old Gem. Brooklyn, NY. June

STOREFRONT TEN EYCK. Making History. Brooklyn, N.Y. April (Curators, Krista Saunders and Dexter Wimberly) Catalogue

MORGAN LEHMAN, Twenty by Sixteen, New York, NY. March - April (Curator, Geoffrey Young)

500X, Family Ties, Dallas, TX. April. (Curators, Julie Torres and Bonny Leibowitz)

ARTS@RENAISSANCE, A Weekend at the Old Gem. Brooklyn, NY. February

MOMENTA ART. New Work City. Brooklyn, NY. January. (Curator, Julie Torres)


DRAWING ROOMS. Big Small Works Show. Jersey City, N.J. December - January

THE PAINTING CENTER. 21 & Counting. Anniversary Benefit Exhibition. NYC. December

TRESTLE PROJECTS. Grab Bag. (Curators, Will Hutnick and Polly Allison Shindler). Brooklyn, N.Y. November 

STOREFRONT TEN EYCK. Abstraction and its Discontents. (Curator, Deborah Brown). Brooklyn, N.Y. October - November

2 RIVINGTON STREET. Second Family. (Curator, Julie Torres). LES, NYC. September 

GEOFFREY YOUNG GALLERY. Elements of Style. Great Barrington, MA. August

(FORMERLY) POCKET UTOPIA. Family Style. (Curator, Julie Torres). LES, NYC. July - August

STOREFRONT TEN EYCK. 8th Annual Arts in Bushwick Benefit. Brooklyn, N.Y. May




MURIEL GUEPIIN GALLERY. To Be Considered. Brooklyn, N.Y.

TWO COATS OF PAINT @ BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS. Inquiry. (Curator, Austin Thomas). 2012.


BROOKLYN ARTISTS' GYM, Voyeur: See and Be Seen. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

(full resume available upon request)


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Artist's Talk, ODETTA, June 2016

"The PM, Some Thoughts on Mondrian" Staged reading of written work at Pratt Institute, September 2015

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National Art Education Association, March 2007. Co-Panelist in slideshow and discussion re the artistic challenges posed by adolescent beginners. 


Edes P. Gilbert Travel Grant, Summer 2014. Turkey and Italy. 


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Two Coats of Paint "The backstory: Abstraction and its Discontents" by Sharon Butler. (2014).

Gallery Travels, Seen Around Town "Second Family" at 2 Rivington Street. Photo. (2014).

Two Coats of Paint "Outside the City: Great Barrington" by Sharon Butler. Photo. (2014).

Two Coats of Paint “Painting IRL: 2013 Bushwick Open Studios” by Sharon Butler. Photo. (2013). in "Two Coats of Paint moved to Bushwick", a review of the show Inquiry, curated by Austin Thomas (May 2012).

The Great Gray Bridge in Bushwick Open Studios, June 2—Shared Blog Post by Kyle Gallup & Philip Turner (June 2012). Photo.

Drawing on the Utopic in "I have an inquiry..." (May 2012)   



Queens College, CUNY, MFA, Painting.

Pratt Institute, BFA, Drawing. With Honors.

Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences. I lasted two years.



Each of my paintings begins with the question: What if? What if I was to overlap this pattern with this solid area, for example, or what if I was to paint stripes on this interweaving band? Formally, my paintings explore the tension between geometric abstraction and organic shapes. First, I juxtapose curved lines with straight lines and, second, I juxtapose areas of flat with areas of modeled, illusionistic three-dimensional space. I don't worry about whether my ideas are consistently representational or whether they are consistently non-representational. Staking out turf doesn't interest me as much as pitting figure against ground. As part of what I do, I also use a grid. I'm fascinated by the fact that something as simple as an arrangement of four-sided shapes can provide so much to think about. The possibilities are endless. Each solution offers up new sets of problems. I work reactively, never knowing outcomes until they fill the picture plane. The ultimate goal is to make work that bridges the gap between intellect and imagination.